Friday, August 20, 2010

I've come to this point in life where I feel like my life has changed forever. I feel like I have truly realized what it means to live. I feel like this summer has truly made me grow up a LOT and I've also matured in what I want out of life. I no longer care about little things like money, I just care about my God, Cristian and my family in that order. I've come to a crossroads where I gonna start living like I know I truly should and not how others think I should.
I've also come to the conclusion that I'm gonna go to grad school for my MBA before med school and if it takes me more than a year to do that, then i'm ok with that. God has everything figured out already, he has a's ok if I havent gotten one figured out completely for myself yet. As long as I remember to make the most about the journey to becoming a doctor and focus on that....then I'm gonna do fine :)