Wednesday, December 24, 2008

just sending you some love :)

merry christmas to all of my blogger friends! Hope you all have a great few days and dont forget to take time for yourselves!
Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!


these are some of my favorite things....:)

thanks for the tag Tonyia!

here it goes!

Eight fav tv shows:

17 kids and counting
deliver me
gilmore girls
what not to wear
secret life of the american teenager
baby story
bringing home baby
adoption story

Eight things i look forward to:
getting closer with God
tonite with my family
tomorrow with everyone
friday when cristian and i watch a movie at my house
going to FL
seeing kimberly and her husband , two kids, and one on the way
meeting my future kids
getting married

Eight Fav Restaurants:
Olive Garden
R and C (even though it's not longer open)
red lobster
...that's about it...:)

Eight things on my wish list:

for everyone i know to get saved
for my whole family to realize the true meaning of christmas
for more people to realize that blood is not what makes a family
Barack Obama to listen to God and not politicians
for our armed forces to be able to be home by next christmas
to simply have the best christmas ever
to see my nephews grow up to be great men of God despite the circumstances in their lives
to go to China one day

Eight things i did yesterday:

take a shower
make chicken salad
help make a red velvet cake
tell my mom, dad, and sister that i love them
play with my two practice kids Max and Lexi
watch movies on lifetime movie network
help make a scrapbook for my parents
told God how grateful i was for everyone in my life at the moment

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i'm having my lap tomorrow! I can hardly believe it.....i've prayed for this for so long and my time has finally come to figure out why i am having so much pain...
i have to be at the hospital at 7 am and then off to surgery in a little bit....
i'm currently doing the bowel prep, just using milk of magnesia because i had such a bad reaction to the magnesium citrate when i had my colonoscopy......
i'll be sure to update you all on my situation when i feel up to it .....i'll also tell you more about my pain and everything after i actually find out what i have, i just feel weird writing about endometriosis and saying that i have it when i'm not positive that i know?
well, i'm going to watch a movie with my besties tonite, which is great because it will hopefully keep my mind off the surgery......:)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

lap date

i finally have a lap date set for Dec. 17th! I know i havent really talked about the whole situation, but i've had finals for the past two weeks and soon i will be done, so hopefully i can update you guys..... i'm just so excited that i can finally have evidence of my pain....hope you all have a great night!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

i really wish i could stop hurting....hopefully i know what is wrong soon......:)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

what's this?

i think i'm falling in love...:)