Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love you More Than Life

So this week has been going great! I've been working...working...working! But it's so much fun to do full-time babysitting! I have the best three kids in the world to babysit for and i couldnt ask for a better job. We swim , watch movies, play games outside and it's just so much fun having fun at work...haha.

Much hasnt happened this week, but I am feeling a sense to draw closer to God lately. It's so hard, you feel like you are the closest you can possibly be, and then He's tugging at you to come closer and learn more about Him. I've even vowed to God to take a week off from facebook, which started today at, that is going to be difficult! But I know this will allow me to pray and read my bible more, and just simply spend more time worshipping my God.

So what have all of you guys been up to lately? Has the summer begun for all of you? Is it warm where you are, or is it just barely there? If you cant tell I am super bored ...since school got out I've just been having a LOT of time on my hands, but in a way that couldnt be better becuase I had an extremely hard semester. Love you all!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Look!

So, I am currently trying to come up with a new look for my blog. It's rather dull and boring, so I want to jazz it up a bit! I really would like to devote more time to blogging and make it a journal that i can look back on through the years. Well, here it goes ! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You'll Be In My Heart

Well, I've officially begun another part of the journey to my little chinese girl . This summer I have a full-time job babysitting and so I have decided to set aside part of my weekly paycheck for the adoption fees...Haha I know that I have about 9 years before I should have to worry about this, but it cant hurt, right? How much does all of this cost anyways? I have seen different figures, but I'm not sure what is really accurate.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Summertime's Here! :)

I am so sorry that I have not been up here lately. It's been so crazy with school and work that I just havent had the time.
A lot has changed in the past couple of months, I've been having a blast and God has blessed me so much.
First of all, my endometriosis is gone! yes, i said it's gone! My God has HEALED me. I know that some people struggle with the thought of this, but I'm telling you the truth, i dont have pain anymore. I am free and finally able to do things that I never thought I would be able to do again. I can exercise without pain (which is a HUGE deal)....before, I couldnt even walk down the street without feeling lightning bolt fast pain shoot all around in my body. I can now jog, which is something that I have always dreamed of. I can sit and not hurt anymore. Before I got healed, I always seemed to have pain, now is it gone.
I have always believed in God's healing, and His love for me. But until I became healed I never realized that how much He truly loved me. I believe that everyone can be healed. It may come at different times than others, but God never fails...He's there for you. I guess I am preaching to myself the most, because until March 22, 2009 (which was the day I was healed) I didnt think that it was my time for healing...I just had accepted the fact that I was going to live with endo for the rest of my life. But something inside of me changed. I became scared. I wasnt able to function alone anymore, my body was literally failing on me (or so it seemed). I never felt good, always felt bad. I had finally had enough. One day I just broke down and cried in front of my mom and sister. I had reached my breaking point and had to share with someone what I was going thru.
So that day I made up my mind that it was MY time to be healed. I didnt have to wait any longer, cry anymore, and most of all be in pain all the time. I went to my pastor's house, got them to pray for me , which boosted my confidence in ALL that God could and would do for me. That totally took me by suprise when i went there. If you know me, I am very shy when it comes to things like that. I also have a hard time telling others when i was in pain. To open up and actually tell someone what i was going thru and how it was affecting me was a HUGE deal. It took a lot of courage , and my mom talked to them a lot.
However, the next day at church I was healed. I didnt go up for prayer or anything like that....but I was worshipping God (while I was doing the screen for our worship service) and I just felt an overwhelming calm come over me. God was there with me and He healed me that day, that very minute. I cant really explain what happened, because it all happened so fast. But I do remember feeling things in my pelvic area, but mostly in my rectal area (which is where the majority of my endo was located). God was restoring my earthly body and making it whole again.
To all of you non-believers out there, just give God a chance. I know it's hard to believe what I am saying, but it's really something that happened to me. I truly am healed and my body is free of endo.
Ask Him to help you. Ask Him to guide you and ask Him to come into your life and change it for the better.
I also wanted to update you girls on one more thing....Cristian and I just celebrated our 6 month anniversary on May 1st...i cant believe we have been in a relationship for that's flown by.
Anyways, thanks so much for reading my blog....and i will try to give an update more often now that I am out of school for the summer. :) <3