Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So who is awesome?

God is AWESOME!!!!! HE is AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! :) i just feel so much of his love for me, and yet I realize I haven't even glimpsed a small fraction of it :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've got a new lease on life

So, yeah...these past few days have been hard, just to say the least. Cristian got in a wreck (thank God he is ok), started back to a new semester (filled with extremely tough classes), felt not so good (sinus issues). It's been one of those "low points", but you know God has been faithful through it all.
When cristian called me early saturday morning it seemed like my world stopped. I was so worried that he was injured and that maybe this was the last time i was going to talk to him (he had told me that his head was bleeding a lot). I was so scared..does not even begin to explain what was running thru my mind. But you know what? not long after I got the call I began to pray, asked my sister to pray and asked fb friends and blogger friends to pray for him. It put a peace over me that I couldnt explain. Somehow I knew that whatever was going on , it was all going to be ok.
I have been doing A LOT of thinking since Saturday, and through all of it I have come to the conclusion that this was just a mark in the road to what God has in store for me and cristian. He could have easily not made it out alive on saturday(the truck went off the road , took down two mailboxes, went in a big ditch, came back up, did some spins in the air and then hit a big tree). I have no doubt that God has something marvelous planned for cristian, that's why he's keeping him here. He's got a purpose for him, something that only he can do.
I am just so grateful that Cristian is in my life. He is truly my hero, my best friend, my lover, my sidekick, and the oreo cookie to my cream. I love him :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Praise Jesus!

Sorry it took me so long to post, the internet went out for a while at my parents house. Cristian is now home and sleeping i presume and i am so thankful that he is ok. I dont know much info, other than he was driving back from work and a deer hit him and caused him to run into a mailbox. He totaled his car, loss his glasses and got a deep cut on his head. He's on sleeping and pain meds right now so I probably wont here from him until tonite. I love each and everyone of yall and thanks so much for means everything :) I promise I will give more updates when i get them !

please pray for Cristian

I just got a call from cristian that he was involved in an accident just a little while ago. All I know is that he was hit by a deer and that he hit someone's mailbox, which caused him to hit his head and that he is bleeding. Please pray that our Almighty God will overshadow him right now with healing and make him whole. I'm scared, but I know that God is still in control . I will give you updates as soon as possible. Love yall :)